Ban Appeal For Dopetag69

Althia - Dual Account - Dopetag69

In-game name: Dopetag69

Discord ID: Dopetag69#1214

Ban Reason: Dual Account

Plead: Innocent

Reason for pleading: I haven’t got the faintest idea

My intentions were pure. The plan was simple. I would log onto my sisters account and go to the co-ordinates where I had fallen below Y=0. I knew the servers rules very well cause I went down the whole hallway reading all the rules and I know that having dual account or having two accounts which were controlled by the same person was a crime, but I had no choice. Either I could loose all my progress by being stuck there unable to die or have someone else kill me but I’ve got trust issue so I thought to myself “I know. I can log in my sisters account and go place a chest right in front of me or even place a water bucket on top of my player so that I could you know at least swim up the stream. But having two accounts played by the same person is a crime, but you know I am not using it for the wrong reason I’m just going to save my player” damn i was wrong about the consequences I was about to face. I just want to say sorry and i am gonna assure you that this won’t never ever happen again.

Good morning,

First things first. In NO situation you are allowed to use someone else’s account or create an account of your own.

Secondly, can you explain how this account “emochick” came to be registered and by who?

Once you answered this we will proceed with the ban appeal.


Listen I told my sister to create an account so that I can save myself okay?
I can even tell you her name if you want too.

We will never ask for personal information.

Did you create the account or did your sister created it?

With all due respect my sister created it.

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Alright. You know rules. If there is a next time, don’t even bother appealing. I won’t give you a temporary ban as you’ve been banned for a while already. However I’ll get rid of all your inventory and e-chest in survival as a punishment for breaking rules for such a dumb reason which makes absolutely 0 sense.

Unbanned (as soon as I cleared your inventory).