Bacongamer1276 tried to kill pet multiple times

hello i am firesoup374 and i have a cat called mr mittens, now he sits in my shop (soupskitchen) but bacon decided to would be funny to try and kill my pet many times and nealy came close, but with the power of animal traps and lots fish he survived. now i want him banned but for only about a month because i can tell this is but a child and i dont want to upset him too much.

I can not proceed without more information, where is the pet?

has he actually managed to kill anything, if so where?
if not, do you have any screenshots of him harming your pet?

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safe in my house

i tried to put a jpeg but it would paste a link that dont work

hello i am gatttttttvto i can comfirm that bacongamer has tried to kill mr mittens becaus i hav witneesed it

i work at the soup kitchen where the attempt
was made

This answers nothing, when asking “where” we mean coordinates.

Also need to know if any animal was actually successfully killed. And if so, would need coordinates too.

Regarding other replies, we don’t need your insight unless requested.

im not sure of the coords but the warp is /warp soupskitchen

Bruv I was joking u annoying firesoup (you gave me freking meth)

Well the cat is not dead, so staff has nothing to do here.

Bacon be careful with your jokes