Baclava News and Book Store

06/01/2023 Update: Baclava News has been shut down. Previous subscribers have been refunded some weeks ago.

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how to apply for subscription

Message me here, in discord or in game and I’ll take you through the process

I would like to buy a 3 month subscription please, 750 a week = 3k a month + 350 fee = 3350 in total for a month so 10k for 3 month is my offer and I would be appriciated if u deliver the newspaper at my front door every Friday. You can reply to this message or dm me so we can have a deal.

Message me anywhere with the precise location of your mailbox – I must have access to it as a player, not as staff, and your final price is 9350 as the subscription fee is only paid on subscription, not every month

Hmm so how about 37k for 1 year subscription?
My address is at 2112 Lemon street (-2733 8 -2330, or /warp 2112)

As I don’t know how long this project will last, I will accept a maximum of 3 months of immediate payment, after those are past I will see if this is a decent business or not

Payment sent

Prime delivery arrives tomorrow with the news of the week

I think i will subscribe 3 months for 11k (1k extra idk)

This isn’t an auction or a negotiable price, the price for 3 months is 9350, so if you want to subscribe send a warp/way to go there and provide me access to deliver

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