Avalon's NO CANCELLATION Auction: 1 stack of Diamond Block

Items: 1 stack (64) of diamond block
Starting price: 100 k
Minimum bid requirement: 10k
Buyout price: 10 mil
Duration time: 1 month (until 3 February 2022, 19.15 GMT+7)

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Triple one k

121k and some random letters

100,1k and 1C

Minimum increment is 10 k.

Bump of the week.
Last bid 121 k

150k and at 10 random letters

160k+some kind words for the next bidder

Bump of the week.

Last bump for this auction

Congratulations to Electrikery for winning this auction. Please DM me on Discord for the transaction

Thank you for all who participate in this auction. The next auction will be held in near future.