Auction of Saber's maxed netherite armor 4 piece set

Items: A netherite helmet, chest plate, legging, boot (4 piece saber’s set)
Starting price: none
Minimum bid requirement: none
Buyout price: none
Duration time: 24 Feb 4pm ist 2023

I have the right to cancel the auction.


Let me be the first bidder then


10k damn parth nice

20k I need this set to conquer Solaris

25k Coke > Pepsi

those are my babies

they are semi fresh

200k my bid cuz i am batman

350k im in lead UwU

your babies were phoenixes, they rose from your ashes, and now they are my eternal flashes, spreading light where darkness encroaches, and filling my world with hope as they fly on wings like satin sashes.

this proves that i raised them well

Please, spare us the delusion. I think your kids turned out well in spite of your parenting, not because of it.

well good parenting is basic block of character but kids gets scared when kidnapper kidnap them. 375k!

Guardians must pay a good amount to get their babies back then. Muna is currently in lead with

400k is sky blue or white?

400.1k its red here

499.999 sounds nice, doesn’t it?

aa you meant 499.999k? or 499,999 or 499.999? if you meant 499,999 my bid is 500,000

this worth at least 1.2M not counting the loor :confused:

550k ye i agree with allox not much people have that money to spend on one thing.