Auction of diamond chestplate

Items: MAX DIAMOND CHESTPLATE(with mending)
Starting price:60k
Minimum bid requirement:1k
Buyout price:None
Duration time:4 days

I have the right to cancel the auction.

God Mending u mean?

Max armour with mending


What is understood here is Protection IV Unbreaking III (Thorns III) Mending Diamond Chestplate. Thorns III is usually considered when one says the chestplate is maxed out. Just a friendly advice, you don’t have to if you explicitly specify what is the item but if you don’t, please include an image or at least enchants of the item in a list form.

Sorry for that

Can I cancel?

This auction

No need to cancel anything. Just specify the item enchants and there’s nothing else you need to worry about. Post it as a reply, don’t edit your auction post.

I told you this as a suggestion for the future, not as a warning.

You also need to wait until duration time is over to cancel or sell to highest bid since you specified you can cancel.

This user is banned with appeal denied, therefore the auction is invalid.

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