Auction: MILK OF YOUTH (Only 1 in the Server)

Items: Milk of Youth (One of a kind Item)
Starting price: 200,000
Minimum bid requirement: 10,000
Buyout price: NA
Duration time: One week after this post. (March 12, 2023)

I have the right to cancel the auction if it doesn’t meet my expectations

Addtional Information I receive from Astelon:

There would be more Milk of Youth in the future. So I would like to correct myself that it is a one of a kind item FOR NOW.

Is the milk can only be used once? If not i will bid 300k

Usable only once


There are now 2 Milk of Youth on the server. Auction is still open for bids till the deadline.

Deadline reached. Cancelling the auction for not meeting my expectations.