AUCTION (KielleAzomas11) - Year End Auction <click for more info>



  • 6 stacks of Shulker Shells
  • 32 Blocks of Diamond
  • 10 Losetato
  • 1 Conduit
  • Moobloom head
  • Cold sunken skelly head
  • Frozen sunken skelly head
  • a single enchant Mending
  • Mending + unbreaking III
  • Mending + Punch I

Starting price: 900k
Minimum bid increment: None
Buyout price: None
Duration time: Around Dec 30 12pm (GMT+8)

I have the right to cancel the auction.

Note: I will prioritize bidder who will offer me “VIP” + money

for example, if someone offered 1.3 mil igm, and the other offer is a VIP + 400k igm, I will choose the VIP + 500k igm as the winner.

but if an offer is 1.5mil and the other is VIP + 400k igm, I’ll choose the 1.5mil

I consider VIP = 900k igm

uwu Nya~

30 mins left to go, and nobody is bidding *sad kielle noises

welp, imma just cancel the auction now…

Have a great day everyone o/

Word of advice:

when making a forum auction you should probably do atleast 2 weeks as the duration or 7 days at a bare minimum. Anything shorter will usually result in no responses or maybe 1-2 at most.

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ohhh, thanks for the insight

I was trying to be a VIP before the year end tho XD