Auction for mends, easter heads, losetatos, etc



  • 6 stacks of Shulker Shells
  • 32 Blocks of Diamond
  • 10 Losetato
  • 1 Conduit
  • Moobloom head
  • Cold sunken skelly head
  • Frozen sunken skelly head
  • a single enchant Mending
  • Mending + unbreaking III
  • a regular ol’ Golden Apple, cuz why not?

Starting price: 800k
Minimum bid increment: 10k
Buyout price: 1mil or if someone offered VIP (with or without money)
Duration time: Around Dec 30 12pm (GMT+8) or when buyout price is achieved

I have the right to cancel the auction.

uwu Nya~

Auction cancelled, Imma change some items in the package uwu