AUCTION: Double Chest of Level 30 Enchanted Books


Book List (Left to Right on the photo)
  1. Respiration III
  2. Flame II
  3. Knockback II, Fire Protection III, Efficiency IV
  4. Protection III
  5. Flame
  6. Aqua Affinity
  7. Sharpness IV
  8. Loyalty III
  9. Infinity
  10. Sweeping Edge III, Thorns II
  11. Power III
  12. Sharpness III
  13. Power IV
  14. Unbreaking III
  15. Aqua Affinity
  16. Riptide III
  17. Unbreaking III
  18. Luck Of The Sea II
  19. Knockback II
  20. Thorns II
  21. Looting II
  22. Fireaspect II
  23. Quick Charge I
  24. Piercing III
  25. Protection III
  26. Protection III
  27. Protection III, Piercing III
  28. Unbreaking III
  29. Piercing III
  30. Piercing IV
  31. Multishot
  32. Fortune II
  33. Impaling IV
  34. Power IV, Aqua Affinity, Loyalty III
  35. Quick Charge II, Sharpness III
  36. Impaling IV
  37. Sweeping Edge III
  38. Unbreaking III, Power IV
  39. Protection III, Impaling IV
  40. Protection III
  41. Efficiency III
  42. Efficiency IV
  43. Piercing IV
  44. Smite IV, Quick Charge II
  45. Loyalty III
  46. Fire Protection IV
  47. Unbreaking III
  48. Sharpness III
  49. Aqua Affinity
  50. Efficiency IV
  51. Power IV
  52. Power IV
  53. Knockback II
  54. Bane of Arthropods IV
  55. Smite III, Protection III
  56. Piercing IV
  57. Flame

Starting price: none
Minimum bid requirement: 1,000
Buyout price: na
Duration time: 1 week after post.

I have the right to cancel the auction if it doesn’t meet my expectations.

Numb’s bid plus 10k cuz i see she is replying :v

Very tempting to just say something ridiculous because you said that, but i think i’ll just come back later. Make an actual bid

Lol ok since u bid 0$ then my bid would be 10k

i’ll go with 20k then

30k is my last bid, if numbs goes higher then im out

nah i’ll pass, theres some decent books but the rest i can’t use so

Auction cancelled for not meeting expectations.