Astelon - xraying - jjuasdikop

In-game name: jjuasdiko[
Discord ID: i dont have discord
Ban Reason: xraying
Reason for pleading: false ban
Apology: It has come to my attention that there have been misunderstandings, and I want to take this opportunity to clarify my stance, that i didnt not xray and if i wanted to anways it says i need newer version , so please may you un-ban my acount and i wanted to say again that i firmly state that I did not engage in any form of x-ray activity or seeing trough walls

I literally saw you dig straight to someone’s base, then straight to a chest a few chunks away.

but there was no base and no chest?

and if there was that dosent mean im xraying

So you’re saying that you didn’t dig into a player made room in the nether, then right towards a chest moments before I banned you? I was just seeing things, is that what you’re saying?

no i dug into them but i didnt x-ray into them grrr un-ban me servers so boring

your server faction fun pls?

How did you know exactly where to dig to get to them?

i didnt know and who is “them”

Ast is rather busy and gave me permission to finish this for him.

According to Ast, you evaded your ban on another account, which is bad. This already greatly reduces your chances of being unbanned.

Also, the anticheat was rather unhappy about you in general, so I suspect you were attempting to use other hacks as well.

Ast gave you a chance to admit that you xray-ed after you denied doing it, but you decided to stick with your stance and deny it again, which is rather dumb. If your not even going to admit what you’ve done in such an obvious case, then your clearly not going to change. If you get unbanned, you’ll probably just xray another random person’s poor base.

As such, i am going to deny you appeal, just like you denied using xray.

~~ Appeal Denied ~~