Armor stand with Head is missing

In-game name: crawfishy (in case this does not display properly after posting, it is Underscrore crawfishy Underscore
What happened: Armor stand dressed up including a Head is missing
Coordinates (if applicable): Faction world 35 / 68 / -284
Who you suspect and why: Nobody
Screenshots and evidence:
We have had this happen before. If you look on the opposite side of the room, you will see the other “waitress” that is identical to the one that is missing. Previous time this happened, Kenace determined that a player lured a skeleton into the building and got it to shoot the armor stand to break it and steal the head.
I have screen shot of the waitress when she was there but I don’t know how to attach pic here in forum. I can sent in discord if needed. But the one missing was identical to the waitress on the other side of the room.
Thank you.

And the same thing happened this time aswell, a skeleton was lured by a player and it broke the armorstand. Found what the player did with the items and replaced the stand.