All of my sheep are gone

In-game name: 32294
What happened: Most of my factions animal’s were used in a sheep farm for the faction, the last time i used it was about a week ago and all of my 26 sheep were there. Now when i needed more wool i went to use it and all of the sheep are gone, the last time i lost sheep it was to a creeper and i replaced them and then spawn proofed the entire area so i highly they were killed by a mob again and suspect a player killed them.
Coordinates (if applicable): -1740 5 1714
Who you suspect and why: a player, although i don’t know what player
Screenshots and evidence: (the sheep were sitting on the grass block next to the button powered shear dispensers before)

Hey, I’m the guy who killed the sheep it was a mistake and I was in the clan with 32294.
I apologize for what I did, I didn’t knew that you sheer them not kill them and I didn’t steal the wool
Its right back in the chest, Forgive me for my misunderstanding.

Alright well discussed in-game and sheep restored.