Adding refund for faction powerboost

Description: As the title suggest, adding faction powerboost refund (maybe with time range once per year or something) could benefit the server.

Why: there are some active players stuck in their fac as the only one active player that hold the faction powerboost. Adding refund option like once per year could foster more faction merging and more active factions overall. Active player change and factions could become inactive overall trapping some olayers in their own/other-founder’s faction just to hold the faction power.

How: Provide refund option for leader once per year so they could disband the fac and merge with other fac.


  • First point: encourage faction merging, more active players gathered in factions
  • Second point: less factions means less land power issues and less claim griefing issues.
  • Third point: mote active facs means more active players too as people would want to play more with their friends.


  • First point: might be abused: scams, easy money etc
  • Second point: might make power discrepancy between biggest fac and smallest fac more pronounced. The richer fac get richer absorbing smaller factions.
    *Third point: might increase conflict inside the factions as more member could sometime means more trouble for officers in the fac.

I would agree that it does cause somewhat of an issue when it comes to players wanting to join another faction. In fact, I’ve had this problem with someone wanting to join my faction before but they didn’t want to leave their powerboosts behind.

Doing a refund itself is problematic for a number of reasons, proper measures would have to be taken… Although, I don’t think there will be enough support for this to do that.


Personally I find faction powerboosts as part of the investment for the faction, same as the stuff you build in there. You don’t move your buildings when you join another faction, same applies to powerboosts. Migrating powerboosts is also not doable with neither the current system, nor the next system we’ll be releasing, unless the powerboosts are converted to the value spent on getting them, and then using the money to buy powerboosts for the receiving faction (this would not be done manually by the player, but by staff or some plugin). But this does imply that the money might not be enough for the prices of that faction, thus no power would actually be bought, but the money would still be lost. Returning the money to the player is not an option we should consider, in my opinion.

That said, I have thought about possibly making player powerboosts available as an option.


I agree… It would be more reasonable for powerboost to be binded to the one buying it so would hinder abuse too. Someone could pay powerboost for a faction, only later to be kicked out…