Adding Real Auction Houses

Description: Current /ah is just like a shop with fix price and no one could bid

Why: To improve the economy, speedy auctions, etc

How: Add feature to bid on the auction house, when player bid, the money will be kept until there are are higher bid (and to prevent bidding more than you have in balance)


  • Makes auction faster and more efficient, improving economy overall
  • More transaction (and server could add some fee to it so work as a money sink to keep the economy from inflating too much)
  • Prevent people bidding more than they have


  • Might be hard to code etc, idk if there are plugin or something like that
  • Would make forum auctions redundant, but forum could be used as the announcement of those auctions so there might be still uses to auctions in forum. Also descriptions etc with pictures could also be on forums.
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A plugin like this actually existed once about 3 years ago.

If your wondering why it no longer exists and why we have the current one, it’s because all of the items got deleted out of it twice due to a bug in the plugin.

I could maybe see it being brought back.

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I believe this functionality already exists in the auction plugin

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So we can make auctions then? If you could, please tell us the command for /ah with auction feature :pray::pray::pray:

Well it was /auc before, so I assume that. But it’s up to ibu if he wants to bring it back or not

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I am still waiting for /auc to be activated :slightly_smiling_face:

I enabled /ah bid, it seems like it was disabled and I’m not sure why that was the case but there you go.

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Thank you :grinning: