Add tax system to Trading

Description: As the title suggest, adding tax to every items traded could boost the economy as there is now more money sink.

Why: money sink is useful for server to remove excess money and control inflation/deflation.

How: All trade is either regulated through /trade or /ah or forum or by adding tax system everytime people transfer money.


  • First point: easier access to control the economy
  • Second point by being able to control the economy, server could have some fund that could be used for events/etc, or remove cash if there are too many cash.


  • First point: tax could burden player with less cash, and thus percentage etc need to be progressive toward the rich (as IRL tax system)
  • Second point: might be extremely hard to regulate and made in programming etc.
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I get the fact of a money sink, but i have never liked the idea of taxing players when its brought up. There are other ways to create a money sink than taxes (which we have some cough powerboosts cough).

Minecraft is a game, a lot of our players are kids (it would be a big complication for them). Personally i think it’s just over complicating everything and ruins the chill vibe by adding real world problems to a game, which yknow is kinda the opposite point of a game >->

More than likely the result of this would be players trading items more often and avoiding money because it’s taxed. Now we’re just adding extra steps to the economy.

Also, yes there is the fact of actually programming it. We currently do not have time to. We are working on more important things.

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For your information, money is just a code which is used as a currency between players including all staff considering them as normal players. Also, if you don’t know Admins can generate infinite money(as you can guess certainly not for themselves) with specific commands if we had a concern of not enough money for events or something else on server-level. In-game money does not have any significance on the server-level things, because it’s just a code so you are not stuck on only being able trade items like humanity before Lydians. It can be manipulated if there is a problem(Example: negative balance) Another interesting information, you can also generate infinite money(legally). Where? Through mines or minigames, of course. The only problem in Mythic economy (according to me) is inactivity. That makes it a bit harder to get cash from trading because simply less people to trade with. Also, decreasing some stuff’s prices when multiple people have it because everybody wants money and sometimes the sellers don’t see the real worth of their items and go for ridiculously cheap just to get some cash. But these problems can’t be solved with taxing the players. Money is already infinite. There are many places to sink the money if your concern is too much money. You can literally buy 1,000 stacks of useful and cheap blocks if you really don’t have much money. If you have money, can just buy expensive stuff. Powerboosts, tempfly and even events like drop parties are places which players can sink money to. Saying the last one because events are actually important so players can sink money to. There is absolutely no need to save the in-game balance to donate to events through taxes while it directly does the job of having players “sinking” their money to it.

Tax system as you specified will bring a lot of problems with it. You can easily run off from taxes. Someone can put something in the most random spot, you can find it out of blue. And can send money like 100 days later. After that, buyer would claim he/she found the stuff on Wilderness, and seller would claim the buyer donated him the money. Yes we can even find out these, and punish the players who we think are lying. But until where? Wouldn’t it create a mass additional work for staff? Also, players would just trade/exchange items to ignore the tasks, which’d for example turn diamonds into currency, making the in-game balance a trivial thing. Everybody would sink their cash into diamonds and everybody would be left with 0 balance. As you see, it’d create a huge imbalance in economy if you introduce taxes with THAT method.


(fun fact, diamonds were the currency in early v2 pretty much when there was no mines)

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Diamond is like gold IRL in minecraft server like Mythic lol.

Btw thank you for all the constructive criticism guys… I feel the idea is bad already lol. Didnt think enough when suggesting this.

No problem. Don’t hesitate suggesting something if you think it’d be good for the server.

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