Account Request

I think there wasn’t a template I could’ve used for this but,

I wanted to start playing on this server (again), when trying to register it told me I had a account on my IP adress already.
I used to play on this server once already before though after long thinking I can’t remember what my username used to be.
My current username is “Zekintra” with which I’d like to play, if possible would be nice if my old one would be put for, deletion, or name change or something along that line.

Thanks in advance :smile:

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It took some work but i found the old account, it was named Lyviee and hasn’t logged in for 21 months, does that at least seem right?

Yes that one was it, I checked my old name history aswell yesterday when I found out I can and saw that one, I’m sorry for the trouble with searching

Could I have that one deleted to play with my new?

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i unregistered the old account, you should hopefully be able to create a new one now.
If you can’t i’ll register you one and send you a temp password to login with

Just tried it, still told me I can’t register another account though

Registered the account, messaged you the password privately

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Worked, thank you very much :grin:

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