Account request

i want to make a new account on the server but someone made a account about 1 year ago using the same internet connection as me,so when i try to make a new account it says ‘can not make more than 1 accounts, per ip.request more on the forums’ so please can u reset it ,my new acccount name is hayleynm
and the old account name was sharaaznm

I just looked and it seems the account ‘sharaaznm’ doesn’t exist and the actual name of the account that is registered on your IP is ‘sharaaz’ and it’s last login was about 3 months ago.

I can create another account for you but i first need to know who owns the ‘sharaaz’ account if you know, which i assume you know since you knew the approximate name of the account.

No response in over a month, please make a new request if you want to continue