Account request (for my brother)

Requested name: Olilol
Reason: For my younger brother to play with me
Players names on your IP (list them all): Anya

When the account is registered, we need to give it a temporary password to be used when logging in. We do not message the password to anyone other then the account owner.

You brother must create a forums account and reply to this post himself for us to create an account for him.

I just made this account for him, he cant make it on his own because he doesnt know any english at all and hes 7 so obiously ill have to help him.Hes just learning english so he wouldnt know to make his account or reply to this so i had to make it for him.

What is his native language then?


Sadly, I don’t think there is a staff that can speak Serbian, so that makes translation hard…

I have created an account anyways and messaged the temporary password.
You should know this already, but account sharing is not allowed and you should never use each others accounts under any circumstances. Staff is always watching.