Account request for me

It is not in the template so i’ll just make one
Requested Name: Cane1712
Reason: I forgot my pass and I would like a reset.
Players names on my IP: Cane1712, EpicAlternative

Uhm… I don’t want to interrupt but… you do realize, having 2 accounts without permission of anyone (if you got it well then I’m sorry, I’ll just leave) is not allowed, and can get you banned.

The second one is from my roommate who plays on the same PC. It’s not mine.

I did request because he forgot it too.


Can you clarify this first? Are Cane1712 and EpicAlternative different people? What was EpicAlternative’s previous name, if he played on the server before?

I don’t know. He doesnt tell me anything except his name. For as much as i know, he is playing arround the same part as me.

Again, no stuff that IK

Look, i just need my password reset.

EpicAlternative is your roommate? Well, ask him to reply to the ticket about the old username that he used, as for the password reset, I have messaged you your new password. Reply here once you have seen this and asked him to reply, so that I can close this thread.

OK. Close this thread. I told him to see this, he probably will. If he doesnt reply, that means that he found his password

He has to inform us what account he is using if he finds the old password, or else risk a ban (which may affect you as well as you share the same IP), since only one account is allowed per person.

Closed this thread.