Account request for a (relative*

Requested name: Elena08
Reason: Same network.
Players names on your IP : XdzelatX

Hi, my niece is on same network as me, and she would like to play with me on server, but she can’t register because of my acc.
Is it possible to add another account?
Name would be same as in reguested field above.

I can add a second account for her, but she need to make a forums account and reply here.

I have to create a temp password for her and we don’t message passwords to non-account owners for security purposes (which is why they need a forums account).

Okay, she will make acc today. Thanks for your time.

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hi can you make account Elena08?

bump bump :grin:

bump bump bump :upside_down_face:

You should have waited for me to make the account (which I would have done sooner, but I was busy).

Anyways, I’ve done the other required things now.