Account request for a (relative, friend, etc.)

Requested name: Lepug29
Reason: I cannot register to the server
Players names on your IP (list them all): Lepug29

I apologize if I made the format wrong for this request.

Hello, I am trying to join this server for the first time, and when I type /register “_" "-” I get the message that says I cannot register more than one account per ip. I am confused about this because as I said this is my first time ever that I am trying to join this server. I was a long time ago registered on a Team Extreme server, and I do not know if this is correlated.

There are a few possibilities, you could have gotten an IP that another player had in the past or your ISP could perform double NAT-ing which would cause you to share the same public IP with other people.

Regardless of why, the other account on your IP are very old… As such I’ve registered your account for you and messaged the temporary password for it to you.

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