Account request for a realative

requested name: samurai_girl
reason : we share device and 1 account per ip
player names on ip: yosfren

The accoount is for me do ilog in now it still says I can’t why

It says 1 account per ip the forms didn’t solve the account proplem whyyyy

Because only the request for your account was made, that was what the forum post was for, to request the account to be created by a staff (such as me).

I have created your account and I’m going to message you the password; however, your IP is still tempbanned for a few more days so you won’t be able to login until your brother is unbanned.

Also keep in mind, do not share your account with your brother, or play on his. Both of these actions are not allowed and will result in a ban.

OK but why can’t I share with my brother what if he has a rare item and I wanna buy or what if I want go join his team base thing can I get a password plz and thanl you?

Because sharing accounts would make the account owner responsible for anything the other person does on the account. Also because there is another rule that states one account per player.

If one of you has and item and the other wants to buy… You can just send money / place in chest / trade like you would with any other player. As far as joining his base/faction he just has to invite you like anyone else, which can be done while your offline as well.