Account request for a friend

Requested name: PendejoPodrido
Reason: My friend showed me TitanLauncher and I wanna try out this server!
Players names on your IP (list them all): I apologize, but I don’t know what this is requesting :sweat:

Your suppose to put a list of other people who are already playing on the server and use the same internet connection as you in that section (if your friend is using the same internet connection as you, then you’d put their ingame username there)…

Which it looks like you’ve managed to register an account already and there appears to be no other accounts on your IP. You do not have to make an account request if your going to be playing on different internet connections the entire time.

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ahh, ok, thank you so much!

I’ve been told by another staff that knows some Spanish that part of your name is actually an insult.

As such your going to need to register a different name.