Account Locked, Name Change request

In-game name: Tilarz
New name: Tilash
Discord: tilash#1737
Date of your last in-game time: I believe it was around 3 months ago
Reason: Yeah this is pretty complicated. I changed my premium account nickname from Tilarz to Tilash and I forgot that Mythic is a cracked server meaning I have to manually change my name on forums and there is one account per person allowed, so I logged in a couple times with the new name, after which I didn’t use my brain and locked the new account by entering the password wrong a couple times. I want ‘Tilash’ to be my new name, and again, I am aware having more than one account is a bannable offense and I am sorry for not noticing earlier. Obviously since it was a premium account name change, I have no way to log in to the Tilarz account, so I never used multiple accounts. Again, my apologies for the trouble.

For future reference if you change your name again, you should make the post and let staff create the new account instead of creating it yourself.

I moved your inventory and enderchest from your old account. I will reset your password and message it to you privately.