32294 - use of baritone #mine hack to mine ancient debris - migo

In-game name: migo
Discord ID: Corbiver (User ID: 714759345967202404)
Ban Reason: Use of baritone #mine hack to mine ancient debris
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: I would like continued existence in the server
I apologize for using hacks to get an advantage over other people who got their netherite with hardwork. I was fully aware of the consequences of using this mod to get netherite. I have reread the rules, and the rule i have broken:

  • Mods that give unfair advantages are not allowed. (This includes aimbots, kill aura, auto clickers, mods that allow you to auto attack/auto fish/auto equip armor/auto eat/auto mine, etc.)

All the netherite I managed to get before i got caught is stored in my echest. I promise not to use hacks or mods again. Thank you for your time.

Bump, 24 hours. Not sure how bumps work, do i just reply to this?

Bump again.

I apologize for the wait, normally I try to get to things as soon as I see them but the past couple days have been rather busy for me.

It’s good that your admitting instead of lying, though i’m sure you already know that there no chance you’ll get away with it if you do. You also have some previous history with your chat behavior as well, but that was about 3 years ago. Considering you haven’t gotten in trouble since then I won’t be considering it too much for this appeal; however, you should know if I decide un-ban you and you end here again at a later time then your chances of being un-banned again are slim. If it’s for the same reason (chat behaviors or hacks) then you’ll be automatically denied.

I did see the netherite in your enderchest, if i decided to un-ban you I will be taking that and any other minerals I find in your possession as punishment since they could have been mined with baritone as well. I may also take some of your money if I decided there is not enough for it to really be a punishment.

Beyond that, I must ask. Other then baritone, what illegal mods, cheats, or hacked clients did you have installed? and which ones have you used? I recommend you be honest here. Honesty is very important…

Aw not my precious iron. Anyways i dont have any other mods that are “illegal”. I used to have optifine and mods that are actual mods (mahou tsukai, create mod, etc.), but i use those for singleplayer and another server. I also failed to mention, I used xray resourcepack with baritone, though that didn’t really help. Still, i have to be 100% honest, i planned to install and use impact client but decided not since that would be too much to be even used normally without getting detected. I believe thats all i have installed and used.

Well you passed the honesty test. I knew you likely tried to use impact to some extent because baritone has a different prefix in impact, which is the most likely reason you messed up the command in the first place.

I’m in a good mood, so I think i’ll un-ban you but your getting a 7 day temp ban after this still so you have some time to think and uninstall anything that’s left. Consider yourself lucky to be un-ban considering the couple things you did a couple years ago as well. If your banned again, it will be a very hard appeal or instant denial upon appeal, especially if the same issue.

I have deleted all of your minerals. I will be watching as well as always, so really don’t try anything.

~ Closed ~

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