32294-redstone and auto killing mob farm-Mugsy

In-game name: Mugsy
Discord ID: niksa #3739
Ban Reason: redstone and auto killing mob farm
Plead: Guilty or Innocent
Reason for pleading:
Apology:i will destroy the redstone and redo the farm so it doesn’t auto kill

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I had originally found this redstone clock running while you were away and was just going to warn since all redstone clocks need to have an off switch to be turned off without breaking. Your also not allowed to leave them on while they’re not in use or for extremely long periods of time.

But then I looked to see the purpose and saw your farm killing things via fall damage and collect the items, which counts as auto kill and that’s also not allowed so i disabled it.

Then i looked to see where the water stream for the items were actually going and found this:

Nice creative way of trying to get around the 4 connected hopper limit, but this is infinitely more laggy. Honestly I have no idea why you wouldn’t continue the water stream and use a single hopper at the end but you decided not to. This is just a more laggy hopper tube and should also be dealt with.

So now that you know why your here, your going to have to reread the rules (or read them the first time, as i think your would be). After that you need to tell me every rule you broke and to confirm your understand I will give you a quiz on them.


Automatic farms are not allowed.Redstone clocks MUST have an on/off switch.

Right, you broke those 2 rules but you also broke the hopper tube rule about not having more then 4 hoppers connected with the droppers.

To make sure you actually read the rules and didn’t just find what you thought you broke, please answer the following questions and you’ll be un-banned after.

  1. Is begging okay?

  2. How many nether portals can be in a faction?

  3. How many villagers can a faction have?