32294 - My name - Soph_ or Ray_

In-game name: Soph_ or Ray_
Discord ID: [Savvy is dead]#2195
Ban Reason: For my name, I’m not sure. It says because of my name.
Plead: Guilty or Innocent. Innocent
Reason for pleading: I’m not sure if I did anything wrong, all I did was ask for my name to be changed.
Apology: I am sorry for asking for my name to be changed to ray_ if there
is another name I can change it to- I will take that opportunity.

I changed your name, as a precaution we ban the old name after a name change so people do not impersonate you by using your old in-game name.

But it seems you got in-game now so you figured it out.

Apologies for the confusion.