32294 - Multiple Accounts - Mr_Akon

In-game name: Mr_Akon
Discord ID:
Ban Reason:
Plead: Guilty or Innocent
Reason for pleading:
Apology: Hello dear GM, my account get ban , i just make another account for my sister and put same password, and got ban , so this is reason for ban? please unban me , From Mr_AKon

I’m just going to ignore the fact that you didn’t use the format properly, which i’ve fixed for you

Anyways its not allowed to have multiple accounts, so if your sister wanted to play to avoid confusion a proper request should have been made on the forums so we knew that it was your sister not you just making 2 accounts.

This also doens’t explain why theres 3 similar named accounts in your faction, all with very close locations aagalajudy, judy, judylove.

If you did just make an account for your sister, why is there 3?

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hello dear gm,
Let me explain you , Aangala and judy both of her is my sister, and judylove i create for my girlfriend, her name have already in sever that why i use judylove for her, we all love minecraft, please unban my acc, i promise i will stop do like that anymore, thanks from Mr_AKon


Mr_akon = You
Aangala and judy = your sister
judylove = your gf

This leaves your sister with 2 accounts, which isn’t allowed. She’s going to have to choose which one to keep and which to have banned. I’d like you to have her to create a forums account and reply here herself as to which to keep/remove.

hello GM,
here is judy, i has twin sister , aangala &me judy. my brother create two acc for me and sister , please unban our account , thanks

Okay, now I can make proper notes to who owns what accounts then. As a note if anyone else wants to play on your ip in the future, make sure to have them fill out a proper request on the forums first to get them an account registered to avoid this confusion in the future, the format and instructions for creating one can be found here:

Also note if your lying and these are actually all your accounts for extra power, I’ll be watching in the future.

~ Unbanned ~