32294 is a bad mod

In-game name:discord
What happened: she is using her mod and more
Who you suspect and why: 32294
Several ways thet 32294 is a bad mod

one: the badroke hose

2: when i foned her viliger baes she usd her mod to find who but whne i asked her why she side
im woundering why you chose exactly to dig that way directly into a base? and i tolled her 1 i foned youer portal
2 i shrched the cave
3 i herd a viliger noys

3: after i rided her true baes (ifond it coz her teem sed whre it is) she startad surch fings to ban me on and thn i an baned

4: sumone stared to speck in franch so 32294 tolled him to stop and jims tolled he is going to tell him to stop in french with googel trunslit and 32294 warnd jims and the
franch guy on sumfing she spost to do and when i asked her why 32294 startad to give excuses

Screenshots and evidence:

Hai Discord, welcome to players reports
I appreciate your efforts to keep us aware of any unprofessional situation
However, the way you report staff is asked to be done in private to admins or owner if necessary

I will proceed it here anyway, in future I appreciate it if done in private/ticket

What 32294 done is investigating suspecious behaviour, her and Lexply has explained the situation to me and showed me what happened exactly, staffs are like police officers, they have the right to investigate if there is anything suspecious

In your case it seems it was false positive, so it was solved overall, there isn’t anything unprofessional has been done from what I have seen

I appreciate your understanding, and hope you have nice time in MythicMC