32294 - Cheating on server - anhnong2011

In-game name: anhnong2011
Discord ID: anhnongdan2011
Ban Reason: Cheating (using Flight on parkour)
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: Get unbanned
Apology: Sooo, its been a while since im banned. im so sorry for my mistake, because i got softlocked inside the nether parkour so i got out by cheating, but my intrusive thought says “Nah, I’d win” and also hacked the frost parkour. You can delete my money stat for a fair game. Now i uninstalled all the hacks i have, can I go back and become a normal member of MythicMC? I promise i will NEVER do that again.

ok mb i dont check the last appeal that i created that u say is denied and now i dont know how to delete this :sob: