32294, AFK Fish Farm

In-game name: AdmiralJames
Discord ID: pole4ee#5008
Ban Reason: AFK fish Farm
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading: I didnt see afk fish farm being agenst the rules only automatic farms and was unaware it was agenst the rules
Apology: I am sorry if I caused any problems with the AFK fish farm. I didnt see where it said AFK fish farm only Automatic Farms. It was a honest mistake and I will remove it. I do wish to make this right any way I can.

It counts under the “automatic farms” rule since your getting items by doing nothing. The rules are already very long so it’s necessary that some rules be broad.

It would also fall under this rule as well since fishing would likely stop you from being afk kicked after 20 minutes:


Your farm was already deleted by Ast, so you don’t have to worry about deleting it yourself. Since your new-ish, I won’t make this take too long. Please re-read the rules and after you will be quiz-ed on them, pass the quiz and you’ll be unbanned.

Additionally, Ast said you have a “friend” that is banned. I am curious who it is, please tell me.

It was WolfTheGreatRTT he was banned for cheating and he was but he really wants to come back. I was talking to him and he really wanted me to talk to you guys. I was talking to ast before I had to go eat. (thats when I used the farm). I have read the rules again and I am ready for the test.

  1. Is a brightness mod okay to use?
  2. Someone asks you to use their account and login for them. What do you do?
  3. Can i mention the name of another server?

1.No that would give you an unfair advantage
2.Tell them no, the account is there responsibility and anything we do would get them in trouble.
3.A server can be mentioned as long as your not advertising it.

Mostly correct except #1.

Brightness mods are one thing specifically stated as allowed by the rules, but your thinking was logical since we have rules on other mods, so I’ll accept it.


Always ask for clarification on rules if confused or before building a farm in the future. Your main punishment in this case was having the farm and anything you gained from it removed, which Ast had already done.