2021 worthy moments

Hello, people of MythicMC.

Happy new year! :partying_face:

Thank you for sticking around throughout this disastrous year (basically 2020 pt2 should I say that :sweat:). I am very grateful how far we’ve come considering how pathetic this world is and had gone through a lot of hard situations.

I have decided that I should really make a topic where we all share our good times in MythicMC as in 2021! There are quite many people here with good memories being able to share their lovely screenshots, so I figured why can’t we just do that?! That would be awesome!

Here’s what you need to do; :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Upload as many screenshots from MythicMC as you possibly have as long as they are from 2021. You can add captions if you need to describe the screenshots of yours to emphasize the great moments. You can also share funny and great moments from discord if they are worth mentioning.

Forum rules still apply. Please show your etiquettes! Share your family friendly moments, safe for children to view! :smiley:

Thank you everybody for contributing! Have a great year in 2022! Hopefully we can make MythicMC better again! :heart:


Some of the meme i made in 2021





Egirl kingyyy