$1 Elyria Hunt @/warp mrcshop 2nd try

Attention all Minecraft adventurers! Join us this Saturday, July 22nd, at 11 AM EST for an exciting $1 Elytra hunt at /warp mrcshop There are three Elytra hidden within the shop, waiting to be found for just $1 each. Sharpen your skills, and be prepared for an treasure hunt. See you there
Hosted By Phantom_MC & GK175


this event is happening in an hour!!
be sure to get in-game and in the warp to try and get yourself borderline free elytras!!!

All 3 Have Been Found Thanks to all that came out
1st Found By 33294
2nd Found By Keny
3rd Found By Hunyo16
That’s Everybody hope all had fun

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