World Edit Request

In-game name: HappyCod

First position coordinates: -7068 39 -7429
Second position coordinates: -7012 61 -7484
What to do: Clear (which is water)

It is said that small building will not be moved, but I do not know the size that will be considered small, so I am writing it too.

First position coordinates: -6589 63 -7390
Second position coordinates: -6563 86 -7362
What to do:
Move to:
First position coordinates: -7139 91 -5886
Second position coordinates: -7165 113 -5858

Rule is mainly meant against extremely small things, but this size is fine i’d say.

Spot that it’s moved to is a bit weird, please make sure it’s correct.

The spot is okay, but the direction is not. Please help to make the entrance face North. Thanks.

Facing north now, and in future move requests adding direction would be appreciated.