WE Chunks Move Request: Humble Avalon Village

Thank you for accepting this request :blush:
Avalon village is expanding and thus some buildings must be moved to allow expansion. Please not that all these coords are on chunk borders (yes its all in chunks no worry).

The single chunk is the f home so that makes it separated but it all actually connect, its a small island.

For village
In-game name: Godfather292
First position coordinates: -3311 50 -2462 until -3232 105 -2559
Second position coordinates: -3359 63 -2416 until -3280 63 2511
What to do? (clear, fill, move): move, please align the sea water with the sorrounding sea

For f home (1 chunk only)
Corner coordinate: -3264 50 -2463 (1 chunk til height 105)
Move to corner: -3312 63 -2415

Have a nice day
Avalon Villagers would be happy

Done! Just one question, it currently looks like this:

Do you want me to regen or fill the empty box (marked with red arrows) with stone or something?

Please just fill with sea water as we plan to flatten it anyway. Thank you very much :smiley:

Oh and do the beach sand have support or will it drop to the bottom of the sea when dug? If they do please add 3 layer of stone below it :pray:

I was planning to claim the entire island to move it but it seems I dont have entire power to claim it so maybe I will just flatten it later

Was looking into the area and trying to understand what you mean – Can you rephrase the sand part? If you’re asking if we’ll keep sand floating with worldedit, we won’t, but I’m not quite sure where exactly you want the stone at (provide pos1/pos2 coords?)

Also, the open boxes aren’t claimed, I suppose you unclaimed them after the worldedit was performed. I’ll await for replies before doing anything

Yes what I mean is as the island moved is floating, please put stone layer below it, 3 blocks deep, just whole chunks I will tidy it myself.

Yes I claim the rest of the island to prevent any griefing/mining to be moved. If thats not allowed I will mine those islands to flatten them manually. I just try to keep the island not squared :sweat_smile:.

Please fill the old island with water so it blends with the sorrounding sea.

Thank you :grin:

Should be done, let me know if anything’s wrong.

It is perfect thank you. For the rest of the island, do I need to get more power first before requesting to move it? And if yes, how much power? Thank you for the info

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Anything that gets moved must be moved to claimed chunks, rules are pretty clear (no building in wilderness). Areas around your faction that aren’t claimed should not have anything built by you, but if they were previously from your faction and you already removed everything you wanted that’s fine, no obligation on keeping areas claimed

If anyone claims those areas it’s automatically claim griefing too, as that area is already reserved for your faction, even though not claimed yet.

I hope that makes it more clear

Okay then can I ask you to please move the rest of the island as its claimed? Its weird having islands with straight borders. Thank you in advance

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Done, can’t make any miracles but final touches are always manual. If you have further requests please post a new topic and follow the format including new pos1/pos2 coords to keep things clear for other staff. Avoid making requests on top of other requests without supplying these coords.


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