The adventures of gtketk

nooooooo why did i dieeeeeee


Kawaii slime trying to protect you from witnessing a death owo


Da Master of death

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My Friend ツ

GT Cave


Trading Time Hehe

What are you trading it for tho

is it a blue Axolotl?

normal axolotl

so i wanted a axolotl and i paid like 1.5k for one and got 2, now time to breed them to get a blue axolotl and selling it for like 50k ig

It’s a shame I can only join for a brief moment

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many things happened eh xD

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Everyone can add their own ss that they got xD I didn’t ss everything

adventures of gtketk, more like adventures of his friends even tho i dont have friends :<

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me snorting white powder is best pic

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i feel like i am recording some sus stuff tbh and i am the only one with a alex skin fuck, when tf will i buy minecraft

Yes for sure

well you gotta get it at some point

no money bro, me going to start a gofundme