Soup how's life?

dunno what to post sooo, hru? how’s life xd


souper gold, super super :star_struck:


I already fell in love with this forums

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You don’t wanna know

but i hope yours is good

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my life is shit, but I live with it, cause I know there are people out there who’s life’s are worse.

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Pretty good ig. I just bought the game and it’s already better than tlauncher

tlauncher sucks:tm:
someday I’ll get a new laptop and write my own launcher that works excellent

MultiMc best launcher…
If you can make a better launcher then good job :3

What will make it special tho?

topic bumped 1mo later lol

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Hi ,how can i back my stuff ,Im die with my sword and my ech e-book in /warp xp can u help me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thank you :slight_smile:

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You literally killed this topic, but anyways you have to talk to the owners of the warp

when is that someday coming

The answer is simple. Never.

Seeing that I work on the Titan Launcher source code now… yeah I’ll backtrack on that one lmao

I was actually working on the code for a launcher but:

  1. That code was on my old laptop which is dead now although I could pull the data from the SSD but I can’t be bothered to because:
  2. The idea won’t pan out now, it’s a lot of effort to rewrite anything from scratch, and with no gain there’s no point, so I’m not going to be working on it anyway lol

very normal and i have health problems lately, still recovering from it, also exams are getting closer day by day and i hope summer will coming soon and be happy and healthy soon :]