Something wrong with etiher my account or my internet

So i got a request for password reset earlier, and Pixel reply it thank you so much. But i still can not log in to my account. It either said that my account was locked because i failed to type in the correct password even though i just copied and pasted the new password from Pixel. Or it said this

Can anyone help me please, thank you
Also im sorry for creating an alt account under the name of HuTao, will not make the same mistake.
PS: i have try reset my WIFI router, i also plug in the Ethernet, still not working :confused:

For whatever reason, your account didn’t unlock. Thus, I have manually unlocked it myself. Try again to see if it works and update me here when you have logged in or not.

Its seem to be normal now, but the password was wrong somehow, i copied and pasted and it was wrong still

, hmmm really weird

Try now! I fixed the issue

all fixed thank you so much :smiley:
Its good to be back

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