Second account (maybe)

im not sure if this is even needed as we both use different phones to connect to our own computers with wifi or a tether so not sure if it would even come up as same ip mostly just wanted to let staff know we may want to play together at some point and didnt want to get in trouble in the future

Requested name: wildly69
Reason: to play together with possible same ip
Players names on your IP (list them all): only marama my IGN has underscores before and after but that didnt print here

Its likely they’ll end up with a different IP then you in this case, but I will make notes about this just in case.

Have them try to register an account using thier phone’s wifi. If it fails/complains about no more then 1 account per IP, have them reply to this topic. I would then create them an account and message them the temporary password (we will not message you the password for security reasons, among other things).