Request Name Change

In-game name: Teds
New name: Teds_2
Reason (explain in detail): I recently just bought Minecraft and unfortunately the name “Teds” what’s taking so now I want to change my name to “Teds_2” which is kind of a throwback to my old Xbox account user name (TeddyGamer_2) And it seems like a nice need to have

I have messaged you your new password and transferred all your stuff (inventory, echest, /chest, balance, survival) from your old account. If you have any lockettes or if I missed anything, then make a ticket in Discord. I haven’t transferred your faction, since you haven’t logged in, but you should be able to sort that out by DMing your leader, else create a ticket.

This is the 2nd account request in a while, wait 3 months before making another.

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