Pls add names on my ip for my son to play with me

Request: add user for my IP
Reason: For my son to play with me
Players names on your IP (list them all):



It doesn’t look like either of those accounts are registered. I’m going to assume RC125 is your account (please correct me if i’m wrong).
So if your requesting an account for your son why did you list 2 different account names? The rules are one account per person, so hes going to have to chose a single one of those name to be registered.

Also we generally require the person the account is for to request it themselves so we’re not sending the password for the account to someone else (which is a big security problem). Unless theres a reason your son cannot make an account himself (if there is one please state it), please have him create an account and respond here with the username he wants. After that the account will be created and we’d message the password to him directly.