Old base got claimed by safezone, idk why

Ingame name: Ashtria
Topic: This is all about my old base that was claimed by safezone.
Explanation: So I got a base way back when I was in a faction of Elzeus and I stored my stuffs there most especially the high valued stuffs like diamonds and armors. But when I was like inactive for a reason I saw that the faction got disbanned or idk what happened, and the chests inside my base was gone, and at that time I was like disappointed because most all of my stuffs are there, but inside of me saying “it’s okay I can grind more soon.” But then I came back to my base which I haven’t remove the /warp yet I saw that the chests inside are still there and I am confused why is it claimed by safezone. I am hoping that my stuffs are still there especially the diamonds as well as the god armors. Here’s the screenshot for proof. Also the coordinates is here 1152 68 -38. I really hope that u guys understand this. Thanks.

Its a long story but

tldr; all your stuff was already raided by someone.