Name Change Request

In-game name: DeanImpala67
New name: TrashRatGaming
Reason (explain in detail):

  • i got myself a new pc which means i could finally get myself premium minecraft, but also means soon I won’t be able to access my old account through Titan. Also I want my name to match my twitch tag so one day I can stream.
  • also i don’t really understand how any of this works or how to do this properly, i might need some extra help understanding what I have to do on my end.

thank youuu

I have moved all of your belongings from DeanImpala67 to TrashRatGaming and will DM you the password to your new account here. You will need to login to your account into factions so that I may move you into your current one. Other than that, if you have any locks you need to change, if there is anything I missed, or if you have questions then do not hesitate to ask me.