Name change request

hello,i was wondering if i could change my name from Prosprout20 to just Anya ?

its my first name change,i wanted to change it for sooo long and one of the admins told me to go here.
Im also tired of people calling me pros and sprout.i tell everyone to call me anya / nadja and they still call me pros etc.People also always mistake me as a boy.


Sorry for the delay

Your name has been changed, you should be able to log in with the same password.

Everything was moved unless you had lockettes or shops still, if you did reply here with the location and i will remove them.

yeah i had locketes and shops but there are 31 locations for chests and doors so for the shop ill just tell coords of the shop . Shop coords: -6578,62,802 :melting_face:

other coords: 1.-6605,69,828 2.-6601,72,828 3-6602,72,826 4.-6597,71,827 5.-6597,72,827 6. -6597,73,827 7.-6597,74,827 8.-6605,73,831 9.-6606,73,835 10.-6607,73,835 11.-6606,72,835 12.-6607,72,835 13.-6607,72,835 14.-6610,72,835 15.-6610,74,835 16.-6612,74,835 17.- 6611,63,826 18.-6621,65,814 19.-6594,65,826 20.-6605,70,828 21.-6610,70,829 22.-6638,52,822 23.-6637,52,822 24.-6638,45,816 25.-663888,44,816 26.-6636,46,816 27.-6635,47,816 28.-6638,47,816 29.-7144,67,349 30.7142,67,349
finnaly im done .Also name change worked perfectly.and hope you finish this quickly even tho its hard i know but yeah.Thanks!

Lockettes are dealt with in-game. Discord nick has also been taken care of.

oh i just realized theres 2 chests left at /warp junk and also the shop. Sorry i forgot but also thanks for the help.Hope its alright.

Done. Anything else?

actually yeah my old shop thats rn a faction shop.also thanks! the coords are-6581,62,802 and few stuff on -6610,72,831 .Also can i have my pets back if its possible? ive got three dogs and a two cats.Also sorry for forgeting to mention all of that.

Oh nevermind , Tw1 helped me for lockettes but i still need back my pets coords are : one of my cats; -6636,45,814 other cat; -6635,43,826 1st dog; - 6636,48,826 2nd dog; 6638,48,823 3rd dog; -6612,66,823

Pets have been taken care of.