Name Change Request

In-game name: IcePrincess
New name: SpringM63
Reason: I bought premium account so I want to change my name
Note: i didnt know i must open my own account so i requested from my sister’s account, i am sorry for this

Done. Your password is the same as in your old account. Creative plot transferred, permanent MVP /skin transferred and Donor rank given. If you had any lockettes that need to be removed please let me know in this post, or anything else that requires checking. If not, this will be closed.
As a side note, please don’t use other people’s accounts, forums or in-game, even if they’re relatives of yours. But I know you’re aware of that.

I have a few locked chests in /warp kedicik and /warp wizardtower. I would be happy if you could unlock them :slight_smile:

Removed the locks. If you find anything else create a separate topic in this section. Closing this now