Name change Request

In-game name: _ Kiritoz_ (Note: there’s no space between _ and K, I need to space there because it will makes the letters italic)
New name: Airborne_
Reason (explain in detail): I’m kinda bored with my old name and I want my ign to fit my other games name, and that old one sounds cringy for me : / , also please move my stuff and money into the new one if you can, thank you.

I moved your bal, inventory, ec, and creative plots.

Since you registered your account yourself it made the process much harder, if you change your name again please wait for your account to be created instead of creating it yourself.

There may be things missed since it was not done properly, if there was please tell me. Your also going to need to rejoin the discord so it will set your nick and relink your account correctly.