Name Change Request (and items)

In-game name: MrSkyBlue
New name: FrozenSouls
Reason (explain in detail):

I have been off for quite a long while, and have some free time (I’m back!) and also gotten premium minecraft.
So i wish to request a name change and my cosmetics and enderchest / alphachest items moved to my new account.

And I will proceed to discontinue playing under the username “MrSkyBlue” moving forward.

Thank you.

Did you already register FrozenSouls?

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Yes I have, FrozenSouls is already registered.

You should always ask a staff member to register your account as you are technically breaking the One Account per player rule, especially since you were also playing with that account. There are no exceptions. Therefore, I will be putting a 1 day temp ban on your account.

As for your stuff, I moved all of your belongings from MrSkyBlue to FrozenSouls, including your leftover money. Your current stuff from FrozenSouls will be left in some shulkers (courtesy by me) inside of your /chest. Your login info will stay the same.

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