Name Change for ORACLE=FriendMeNot

In-game name: ORACLE
New name: FriendMeNot
Reason (explain in detail): Recently got premium account called FriendMeNot. made as an alt for ORACLE while banned, got unbanned, FriendMeNot alt got banned, now i want FriendMeNot alt(which is banned) to be my main one
note: i understand this is very confusing, if the respected sir/madam has question, pls ask

Basic timeline: I join mythic via te mc launcher, account called ORACLE
i get premium called FriendMeNot
i got banned on oracle account
i create FriendMeNot alt
i appeal for ORACLE account, appeal successful but FriendMeNot alt banned
want to have the premium FriendMeNot alt as main account

it’s been 2 days already

I have transferred all of your items that I could find from your ORACLE account to FriendMeNot . Your login credentials for FriendMeNot will stay the same; do not login through ORACLE. If there is anything missing or if you have any other questions then do not hesitate to ask me.