Name change DAVPROgaming

In-game name: Zerotroid7
New name: DAVPROgaming
Reason (explain in detail): I want to change my name from Zerotroid7 because i really hate that name, and because i have ptsd from some things that i did with that account (not on this server), and i don’t want to keep rethinking about those stuff so i wanted to play on DAVPROgaming but i forgot i already registered once with zerotroid7, all i want is to just either change my name or to delete zerotroid7 so i can play with davprogaming. i’m sorry if this sounds stupid, but there is a really big reason as to why i want to change my name. It’s okay if you can’t, but it would be appreciated if you could change my name. I don’t really wanna talk about why, but if you don’t believe me and you need more proof then you can message me. Or is there a way to make a private post?

I have transferred your stuff from the old account and messaged you the new password, done.